What is the New CIExpert Integration?

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CIExpert provides an online service to help compare and assess the most suitable critical illness plans for your clients. iPipeline’s integration with the service will let you access CIExpert from a link within SolutionBuilder, allowing you to make quicker decisions and create personalised reports that support your recommendations for clients.
You can launch CIExpert from within SolutionBuilder’s quote engine, speeding up the process and improving the overall journey. If you have CIExpert credentials, the data will be passed through from your SolutionBuilder quote, so you won’t need to re-key the information in CIExpert.
If you don’t have CIExpert credentials, you will be offered a free trial, so you have an opportunity to try the service.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to access CIExpert within SolutionBuilder.

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