When Do I Need Dual Deferred Periods (Stepped Benefits) and How do I Add in the Two Amounts?

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You would need a dual deferred period IP benefit (also called stepped benefit) if the client was to get paid sick pay for a set amount of time, and then a reduced amount for an additional set amount of time. For example, to have sick pay at 100% of salary for the first six months of incapacity and then 50% of salary for another six months, before receiving no further wages. Naturally, the same reasoning applies to other sick pay lengths. This is where a split deferred period comes into play. With a split deferred period, one level of benefit would kick-in after 6 months to top-up the sick pay received and then the remainder of the cover would kick-in after one year when sick pay entitlement has ceased.
To add this into the dual deferred section, you would select 6 months for the initial deferred period and select the amount the client would need the provider to pay out to top up their salary. Then for the second dual deferred period required, add in 12 months and the amount of additional benefit needed to top up the original amount so the sum of the two amounts, when added together, will be the total benefit amount needed.
This option is not available for single policy solutions on SolutionBuilder.

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